30 October 2019

Brexit playing cards: Ten to Seven of Diamonds

With a general election about to happen, it's time to crack on through the rest of the people who do not deserve to represent voters in Parliament.

Ten of Diamonds: Dame Margaret Beckett

Not only was Beckett a 2009 expenses fiddler, but she wrote a spectacularly stupid letter to the committee that ruled on her expenses.  Yet another Labour Remainer in a Leave seat; Derby South voted 61.35% Leave in 2016.  On 29 October 2019, Beckett voted against an early election.

Nine of Diamonds: David Lammy

The first politician to be fined for breaching the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations, Lammy has spouted nonsense on a range of issues from same-sex marriage to a 'People's Vote'.  Tottenham is one of those strange London constituencies that voted Remain in 2016, at 76.22%.  He might stay on, sadly.  On 29 October 2019, Lammy voted against an early election.

Eight of Diamonds: Bridget Phillipson

Phillipson is a Labour nonentity, except for the one plus of being a member of Labour Friends of Israel.  A Remainer and early 'People's Vote' advocate, she is the member for Houghton and Sunderland South, which voted 62.43% Leave in 2016.

Seven of Diamonds: Jonathan Cruddas

Dagenham and Rainham voted 70.35% Leave in 2016, but has this wishy-washy Labour Remainer as their MP.