16 October 2019

Brexit playing cards - Ten to Seven of Spades

Continuing down the list of previous members of the Conservative Party who have been expelled from the party and who deserve to be deselected or voted out of Parliament at the next election.

Ten of Spades: Rory Stewart

Gone from Parliament now, presumably on the basis that a Remainer wouldn't stand much of a chance in a Leave constituency (Penrith and the Borders, 55.2% Leave in 2016) now that he has proven himself unable to honour the 2017 manifesto.  He is standing for election as Mayor of London, a position that is unsuited to a lightweight, so expect the Conservative Party to put up someone more substantial.

Nine of Spades: David Gauke

An expenses fiddler and a terrible employer, having been described a judge as 'reprehensible', David Gauke was expelled from the Conservative Party in 2019.  He is one of many current politicians who do not understand the basics of the British constitution.  He is not standing at the December 2019 election

Eight of Spades: Dominic Grieve

A politician who has the ability never to tell the same story twice. One of the first Remainers to panic after Boris Johnson became prime minister, Grieve has been continuously involved in legislation to stop Brexit, and is known to have collaborated with the EU and the Labour Party.

Abstained in vote on an early election on 29 October 2019. 

Seven of Spades: Alistair Burt

Already announced that he will not stand in the next election, which is not surprising for a Remainer booted out of the Conservative Party, readmitted in October, and currently the member for North East Bedfordshire, which voted 53.4% Leave in the 2016 referendum.