20 October 2019

Brexit playing cards: Ten to Seven of Hearts

We continue down the list of nonentities and strange people who no longer have the Conservative whip. one of whom has already decided not to stand at the next election.

Ten of Hearts: Guto Bebb

Bebb is one of those MPs who employ family members; for him, it's his wife as office manager.  He spends a lot on expenses, including first-class rail tickets, and is a foul-mouthed bully.  He does not have a home in his constituency.  Beeb lost the Conservative whip in September 2019.  Aberconwy is a 52.2% Leave constituency, so it's just as well that this Remainer is standing down at the election.

Abstained in vote on an early election on 29 October 2019. 

Nine of Hearts: Ed Vaizey

One of several 2009 expense fiddlers, Vaizey is pretty much a nonentity.  He may be re-elected to Wantage, which voted 53.54% Remain in 2016.  He was thrown out of the Conservative party in September 2019, but readmitted in October.  He is not standing in the December 2019 election.

Eight of Hearts: Steve Brine

Winchester voted 60.36% Remain in 2016 so they may elect this Brexit traitor again.  He was expelled from the Conservatives in 2019 but readmitted in October..  It would be good to see this Remainer Right-winger go, though.

Seven of Hearts: Ann Milton

As we continue down the list of Conservative MPs who not made a positive mark, we come to Ann Milton, some of whose views are weird but must appeal to the voters of Guildford, who were 58.8% Leave in 2016.  She is an 'Independent', having been expelled in 2019, and this may result in a proper Conservative winning her seat.

Announced that she will stand as an 'Independent'  in Guildford in the December 2019 election.