22 October 2019

Brexit playing cards: Six to Two of Hearts

Now we're down to some 'Independent', Labour and Conservative nobodies, as we scrape the bottom of the Hearts barrel.

Six of Hearts: Richard Benyon

In 2017, having denounced people for using mobile phones while driving, he was banned from driving for doing precisely that, which gives you some idea of how much he sticks to his principles.  Newbury was 52.19% Remain in 2016.

He was expelled in September 2019 but readmitted in October.  He will not stand in December 2019, so someone else will become the richest MP in the House. 

Five of Hearts: Jo Johnson

Stepping down at the next election, Johnson has been a supporter of weird Brexit ideas, such as a second referendum.  Orpington voted 57.54% Leave in 2016, so it deserves a real Conservative.

Four of Hearts: Damian Collins

Collins has never achieved anything in Parliament, apart from a bit of expenses fiddling.  He suggested that unemployed youth should work for less than the minimum wage, which gives you some idea of whether he's a One Nation Tory.  Folkestone and Hythe voted 61.64% Leave in 2016, but they did not deselect this useless Remainer before the December 2019 election.

Three of Hearts: Peter Kyle

Kyle proposed an amendment to Theresa May's Brexit Withdrawal Agreement that would have forced a second referendum; it failed, twice.  An arch Labour Remainer in a seat that voted 67.05% Remain in 2016, there is hope that Hove will return to being a Conservative seat.

Voted against an early election on 29 October 2019. 

Two of Hearts: Caroline Nokes

A Remainer in Romsey and Southampton North, which voted 53.92% Remain in 2016.  She was expelled in September 2019 but readmitted in October.  One of the cards that might not get flicked into the bin, as her popularity in her seat has outweighed the need for the local association to select a proper Conservative for the December 2019 election.