17 October 2019

Brexit playing cards: Six to Two of Spades

We continue our way down the list of Spades, the ex-members of the Conservative Party who have attempted to block the will of the British people, as expressed in the 2016 referendum, and promised in the 2017 manifesto, and may justifiably be called traitors to both people and party.

We are now scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Six of Spades: Sir Nicholas Soames

Soames was a useless minister under useless prime minister John Major.  His main claims to fame are lying about Diana Princess of Wales, making 'woof' noises at female members of Parliament in the House of Commons, attempting to evade tax,  and repeated driving offences.

He will not stand in December 2019.  Haywards Heath voted 53.56% Remain in 2016, but a real Conservative can win the seat.

Five of Spades: Dame Caroline Spelman

Briefly a minister under Cameron, but not since, she was a 2009 expenses fiddler.  A Remainer in a Leave seat - Meriden, 58.81% Leave - she tabled the infamous motion in the House of Commons in January 2019 that stated that there was not a majority of MPs in favour of a no-deal Brexit.  The point of Brexit is that the people voted for it, not MPs, and the motion was a disgraceful attempt to thwart that vote.  Expelled from the Conservative party in September 2019, she has decided not to stand at the next election.  So another traitor already gone.

Four of Spades: Greg Clark

As a minister, his staff went on strike because his department did not pay them the London Living Wage.  He was expelled by the Conservative party in 2019 but readmitted in October, so it will be up to the local party in Tunbridge Wells - 55.35% Remain in the 2016 referendum - to deselect him..

Three of Spades: Antoinette Sandbach

Following her expulsion from the Conservative party, the Eddisbury Conservative Association passed a motion of no confidence in her.  She remarked that they were 'an unrepresentative handful of people' who should not get to decide the question.  She will stand as an 'Independent' and a Remainer in the next election, although her constituency voted 52.17% Leave in the 2016 referendum.

Abstained in vote on an early election on 29 October 2019. 

Two of Spades: Stephen Hammond

Hammond has the distinction of being one of the MPs whose Wikipedia entry was altered through computers owned by Parliament, to remove mention of his abuses of 'perks'.  He has been sacked as a minister, sacked from being vice chairman of the Conservative Party for London, sacked from the Conservative party, and sacked from being its vice chairman.  His career has been one of promotion and dismissal.  His seat is Wimbledon, which voted 70.63% Remain in 2016.  He was readmitted to the Conservative party in October 2019, but will Wimbledon select a real Conservative?