28 October 2019

Brexit playing cards: Ace to Knave of Diamonds

As we edge closer to the election that the British people deserve, here are some more of the people who should not be re-elected.

Ace of Diamonds: Hilary Benn

Infamous for the 'Surrender Act', Benn is a Remainer in a seat - Leeds Central - that voted 54.04% Remain in 2016.  It would be good to see him go, but it is probably unlikely, even in a Northern seat that may swing towards Leave.

King of Diamonds: Ed Milliband

A Remainer in Doncaster North, which voted 71.65% Leave in 2016, Milliband could even lose the seat to a Conservative.

Queen of Diamonds: Yvette Cooper

Not as barkingly mad as Anna Soubry, but pretty close, Cooper is a Remainer in Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, which voted 69.26% Leave in 2016, so one hopes that the Labour party might come to its senses and put a pro-Brexit candidate in.

Knave of Diamonds: Ian Murray

Probably safe in Edinburgh South, which voted 77.85% Remain in 2016.  But voters may think that the SNP better serves their aspirations.