01 December 2019

Brexit playing cards: Nine to Six of Clubs

We come now to four people who have changed party.

Nine of Clubs: Chuka Umunna

He was the Labour MP for Streatham (79.46% Remain in 2016), and moved to form The Independent Group, which was renamed to Change UK, before becoming an 'Independent' and completing his slide to obscurity by joining the Liberal Democrats.  In the 2019 election he is standing as a Liberal Democrat in Cities of London and Westminster, currently a Conservative seat and 71.95% Remain in 2016.

Umunna describes himself as 'One Nation Labour', an oxymoron invented by another idiot, Ed Milliband.

Eight of Clubs: Angela Smith

Elected as a Labour MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge (60.65% Leave in 2016), she then defected to The Independent Group, which became Change UK, then became an 'Independent' and then the Liberal Democrats.  She is standing in the 2019 election for Altrincham and Sale West, which voted 61.41% Remain in 2016.  The Conservatives are likely to hold the seat.

Seven of Clubs: Luciana Berger

Same old story, with a Labour MP finishing up as a Liberal Democrat candidate.  She was MP for Liverpool Wavertree, 64.74% Remain in 2016, and is standing for Finchley and Golders Green, 68.9% Remain in 2016.  She is unlikely to replace the Conservative Mike Freer.

Six of Clubs: Anna Soubry

She was Conservative MP for Broxtowe, which voted 52.51% Leave in 2016.  She is standing for Change UK in the 2019 election.  So we'll probably lose another traitor.