01 December 2019

Brexit playing cards: Five to Two of Clubs

Now down to the last Remainer nonentities.

Five of Clubs: Ann Coffey

Labour MP for Stockport (53.21% Remain in 2016), defected to Change UK, and not standing in the 2019 election.  When she stood down, she did not try to justify it on the basis of having being bullied on social media, so she was certainly honest.

Four of Clubs: Chris Leslie

Labour MP for Nottingham East (57.12% Remain in 2016).  Now Change UK candidate in the 2019 election.

Three of Clubs: Joan Ryan

Enfield North voted 50.78% Remain in 2016.  Previous Labour MP Joan Ryan defected to Change UK and will not stand in 2019.

Two of Clubs: Mike Gapes

He was Labour MP for Ilford South, which voted 56.69% Remain in 2016.  He is standing as a Change UK candidate in 2019.