26 November 2019

Brexit playing cards: Ace to Ten of Clubs

Ace of Clubs: John Bercow

The worst Speaker of modern times enjoys bullying other people but has decided to creep away before the December 2019 election.  Buckingham voted 51.13% Remain in 2016.

King of Clubs: Phillip Lee

One of the traitors who left the Conservative party to join the Liberal Democrats, Lee was in the Bracknell constituency, which voted 53.24% Leave in 2016.  No chance there, then, so he's done another slither, to stand in Wokingham, which voted 57.31% Remain in 2016, against John Redwood, a loyal Conservative, Eurosceptic and Brexit supporter.  This will be an interesting seat to watch in the December 2019 election.

Queen of Clubs: Heidi Allen

Elected in 2015 to South Cambridgeshire (61.51% Remain in 2016) as a Conservative, she defected to Change UK and then to the Liberal D.emocrats and then out of politics.  We can expect Anthony Browne to hold the seat for the Conservatives, so her manoeuvring was a waste of time.

Knave of Clubs: Sam Gyimah

East Surrey voted 54.2% Leave in 2016.  Sam Gyimah was kicked out of the Conservative party in September 2019 and moved to the Liberal Democrats.  He is not contesting the seat in the December 2019 election.  In December 2019 he is standing Kensington against Labour's Emma Dent Coad.  Kensington voted 68.8% Remain in 2016, as one of many London areas convinced that EU membership is better than sovereignty, which is odd.

Ten of Clubs: Sarah Wollaston

Another traitor from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats, of her own volition rather than being thrown out, she was the MP for Totnes, which voted 53.89% Leave in 2016.  Best of luck there, then, against Conservative Anthony Mangnall.