08 October 2016

Auckland's mayor

Voting closes today in the election of the mayor of Auckland.  As usual, the candidate who is ahead in the polls is a second-rate politician with no discernible achievements on his CV.

The outgoing mayor, Leonard Brown, despite being a member of the Labour Party, stood as an Independent, but his policies have not disguised the Socialist ideology with which he has approached the job.  Similarly, his bluster has not disguised his lack of accountability over expenses, his psychotic behaviour in 'the Chamber', and at least one sexual affair.  Lacking in any real vision for a major conurbation, he has embraced the outmoded notion that railways can solve road traffic problems.  This also demonstrates how little this Manukau-based ex-lawyer understands the people of Auckland: you can't just expect that people will give up their cars and move to public transport:  Auckland is not London.

It is a feature of Socialists that they abbreviate their names as well as declaring themselves as 'independent'.  So Philip Goff, who failed to achieve anything in at least five ministerial portfolios, is the favourite in the polls.

So here we are again: probably about to elect another nondescript mayor with no discernible ability to manage a city of almost 2 million people.